The Fleetwood Museum's HISTORY begins with its establishment in 1985 after several years of negotiation between the late Banjamin Fleetwood and North Plainfield Mayor Steven Novak Jr. The Museum exhibits the camera collection of Mr. Fleetwood and the oil paintings of his wife, the late Matilda Fleetwood. The Museum is sponsored by the Green Acres Commission of the Borough of North Plainfield, New Jersey and the Plainfield Foundation.

Mr. Edward K. Kaprelian, a noted camera designer and friend of Benjamin Fleetwood, catalogued the camera collection, designed the showcases, and set up the original display for the Museum opening March 31st, 1985.

The Museum is housed in the Vermeule Community Center, an early 19th century mansion, located on a beautiful eight acre Green Acres tract on Greenbrook Road at the corner of Clinton Avenue in North Plainfield.

The museum contains over 800 cameras, illustrating the 150 year evolution of camera design, and examples of many of the photographic processes which evolved during that period.
The MISSION of the museum is to preserve and display these artifacts and to use them to stimulate interest in the art and science of photography.