For visiting groups, the Museum staff has prepared a program illustrating landmark photographic processes and honoring photographic pioneers like Niépce, Daguerre, Fox Talbot, George Eastman, and others. Photographs illustrating early processes are shown together with landmark cameras selected from the collection which best illustrates the evolution of camera design. Unlike many museums, many of the shelves are open for visitors to examine the collection, becoming acquainted with cameras of yesteryear, perhaps admiring the ingenuity of early camera designers.

This program explores the history of photography in an interesting way. It is designed for visiting High School and Middle School students studying photography either as an art or as a component of a graphic arts curriculum, and for camera and photography clubs as a field trip.

The Museum houses a specialized reference library, available to visiting camera collectors and historians, to aid in identifying and cataloging the enormous number of variations in camera design which have appeared within the nearly two century lifespan of the art and science which is photography.

No fees are charged for museum visits or group programs. If you would like to visit us and see our extensive collection and exhibits, please feel free to contact us.



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